Bray Chamber is encouraging voters to think wisely before putting pen to paper on May 24th

Representatives need to be held responsible and to account on the issues affecting our communities and local businesses.  There have been numerous business closing over recent times with tax hikes and rates being cited as “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

Bray Chamber calls on voters to ask their local candidates the hard questions about the long-term future of their areas: How candidates intend to deliver sustainable infrastructure and housing for their communities? What will they do to support local economic development? How will their policies help adapt our economy to decarbonisation?  What are their ideas on community wellbeing and how they plan on supporting local youth groups with facilities?

Better planning and long-term thinking will improve the quality of life and quality of local economies around the country. The decisions that elected members of our local authorities make in the coming years will be central to realising this ambition.  

How will this play out at the poll’s however?  You, the voter will determine this.

Think – Business – how will each candidate’s opinion and experience with businesses influence your decision on giving them your number one vote.  What’s their business background?  What are their thoughts are on local rates and the recent tax hikes, how do they plan on supporting the small businesses in our communities?  We have seen some small business close of late – how can this situation be rectified?

Think – Community – every community needs a long term plan to ensure our young people have amenities within their local sports clubs, skate boarding parks and the like to keep them interested in hanging out with their peers in a productive manner.   

Ask the questions – what are you going to do about local amenities for our youths, why don’t we have proper facilities for sports groups, if elected will you support the Local/ Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force and actively contribute to their work? 

Think – Community Wellbeing – this is an important area that we need to put on the local agenda. Although we often think about the wellbeing in terms of good physical and mental health it can also describe the wider conditions we need as individuals and communities to have a better quality of life, healthier environment and increased prosperity. Considering all the aspects of community wellbeing together helps us to identify actions that can be undertaken by communities alongside local and national governments. Candidates should have a response to this area.  What are their aspirations for the community for generations to come?  

The results are in your hands, think wisely before you cast your vote. 

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