Bray and District Chamber of Commerce hosted an event in the Martello on Thursday, May 30th 2024 which connected local businesses and the local election candidates to discuss the pressing local issues facing employers and businesses. The Chamber launched its comprehensive manifesto for the 2024 local elections, aimed at fostering economic growth, enhancing community well-being, and ensuring sustainable development in the Bray region, to local candidates from East and West LEA. Local business representatives and Chamber members were in attendance to hear Local Candidates vision and plans as they seek election, answer questions from the business community and network afterwards.

There was consensus on a many of the major issues facing Bray businesses and the role that Bray Municipal District Councillors can play in their resolution. These key issues included Bray shopfront rejuvenation, promoting Bray as a tourist destination with the focus on health and well-being, deficits in tourism accommodation, local infrastructures including traffic management and accessibility, the need for a more efficient planning process, the ongoing closure of the Cliff Walk and the need to have a functioning Town Team.

Chamber President Kieran Ward welcomed the candidates and the local businesses, “As a local business group we were delighted to host an opportunity for business and candidates to connect and to have some introductory conversations about what is happening in Bray businesses. We wish all the candidates the very best of luck next week and trust today’s event has facilitated making connections with the business community.”

Key Highlights of the Manifesto:

1. Economic Growth and Development:

  • Business Incentives: Introduction of tax reliefs and rate subsidies to encourage local business expansion and attract new enterprises.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Commitment to improving traffic management in the town and environs, transportation networks, digital infrastructure, and public utilities to support business operations.

2. Employment and Skills:

  • Job Creation Programs: Initiatives to create new employment opportunities through public-private partnerships.
  • Skills Training: Enhanced vocational training and apprenticeship programs to equip the workforce with essential skills. Development of BIFI.

3. Sustainability and Environment:

  • Green Initiatives: Support for renewable energy projects and eco-friendly business practices.
  • Waste Management: Improved waste reduction, recycling programs, and sustainable urban planning.

4. Community Well-being and a Vibrant town:

  • Health and Wellness: Investment in healthcare facilities and mental health services.
  • Community Development: Safe and thriving public realm spaces and amenities.
  • Affordable Housing: Policies to increase the availability of affordable housing options for residents and employees coming to work and live in our town.
  • Rejuvenation of the town: Shop front scheme and a Town Team.

5. Tourism and Culture:

  • Tourism Promotion: Development of tourism infrastructure and marketing campaigns to boost local tourism.
  • Cultural Events: Support for cultural festivals and events to celebrate Bray’s heritage and attract visitors.

6. Public Safety and Governance:

  • Safety Initiatives: Enhanced public safety measures, including increased police presence and community policing programs.
  • Transparent Governance: Commitment to transparent and accountable local government practices.

Kieran Ward, President of the Bray Chamber of Commerce, expressed his enthusiasm for the manifesto’s potential impact on the community: “This manifesto represents a bold vision for the future of Bray. It is a testament to our commitment to driving economic prosperity, enhancing quality of life, and ensuring a sustainable and vibrant community for all. We believe that through collaboration with local stakeholders and government, we can turn these initiatives into reality and create a thriving environment for businesses and residents alike.” The Bray Chamber of Commerce invites all community members, local businesses, and stakeholders to review the manifesto and join the conversation on how to make Bray a better place to live and work.

For more information, please contact: Bray Chamber of Commerce Phone: +353 1 2828248 Email:

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